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"Small Hole" Carbide Deburring Tools

Small Hole Carbide Deburring Tools Small Hole Carbide Series Product Specs (PDF) Small Hole Carbide Insert Specs (PDF)

After extensive testing and much success, E-Z Burr Tool Company is proud to announce our “Small Hole” Carbide deburring tool. This tool design extends our high performance Carbide Series to now deburr hole diameters as small as .125 inches. Great for hard to machine and exotic materials this tool is designed with performance and efficiency in mind.

E-Z Burr Tool Company developed the “Small Hole” Carbide tool in 2009 after seeing a demand in aerospace applications that specifically needed to deburr small holes in tough and/or difficult materials. The E-Z Burr Small Hole Carbide Series covers the range of hole sizes from .125 through .250. For sizes .250 and up to several inches, please refer to the standard Carbide Series.

Great for high-quantity production runs as well as in situations where other tools would wear too soon, our “small hole” carbide series excels at cutting and smoothing surfaces on tough materials such as stainless, low carbon steel, and structural steel. And when it comes to the difficult materials, carbide is certainly the first choice even for batch runs and job shops. You certainly would not want to tackle the nasty aerospace high nickel alloys with an HSS tool unless that was all that is available.

The “Small Hole” Carbide Tool features a carbide insert attached to an HSS flex arm with a dovetail fit. This unique dovetail joint design requires no mechanical fasteners. The Carbide segment is attached to the flex arm in a one-piece construction that allows it to be changed as easily as our HSS blades while the tool is still in the machine. We offer a variety of coatings and geometries to handle a range of cutting conditions from good to difficult.

The inserts are also offered in a variety of cutting angles and coatings. The standard “B” style (both front & rear cutting) and the “R” style (rear cutting only), feature standard cutting angles and TiN coated inserts.

When the deburring process requires a more aggressive cutting angle for tough and difficult materials, E-Z Burr has engineered the insert geometry to handle the demands of the application. These inserts are designated with a “T” for tough materials; (low carbon steel, stainless steel, structural steel and for large burrs, etc.) and a “D” for difficult materials such as; (exotic or high nickel alloys, titanium, hastelloy, rene, & waspalloy).

Just like our high performance standard carbide deburring series, this “small hole” carbide series uses a similar style carbide blade that produces a better finish on the part and allows for faster machining. It can also withstand higher temperatures and cut 3 times faster than standard high-speed steel tools. The tool life will produce 4 to 5 times as many deburred holes than you could achieve with HSS tools. The productivity increase makes the tool extremely cost effective. Spending a little more money upfront will result in significant cost savings on your bottom line month after month.

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