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E-Z Burr Custom Deburring Tool Custom Deburring Tool Form (PDF)

Do you have a unique application that demands a unique deburring tool? Aerospace? Automotive? Energy? Defense? No matter what your challenging application is, E-Z Burr is ready and able to produce custom deburring tools to meet your needs.

We have the ability to customize our deburring tools to meet special lengths, diameters, pilots or shanks, flats, tangs or whistle notches. We are willing to work with you and do whatever we have to do to test them to ensure that they exceed your deburring expectations. All of our custom deburring tools will be designed with the same great features as our other patented deburring series… with the ability to deburr the front and backside of a hole in a single pass, in mere seconds. We will also ensure that they have the same easy blade or insert changeability to make your deburring process as efficient and cost effective as possible.

While we maintain a large inventory of standard tools for deburring holes from .040" (1.0mm) to 2.0" (50.8mm), we can produce special deburring and chamfering tools for larger holes or whatever your unique application may be. In fact, we stock a wide variety of blanks for quick turnaround on such special orders.

E-Z Burr custom deburring and chamfering tools are made to your specifications. We have worked with several customers in different industries to provide them with the perfect deburring and chamfering solution. Check out our design template that will help you figure out exactly what custom deburring tool you will need for your application. And of course, if you need any assistance along the way, our E-Z Burr staff is standing by to talk to you about your application, material, and our solution.

Choosing E-Z Burr may be the best tooling decision that you could ever make.
E-Z, Fast, and Built-to-Last… A motto that we live by every day!

for questions or to request information, please email info@ezburr.com