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Component Micro Series Deburring Tool Component Micro Series Product Specs (PDF)

E-Z Burr's Component Micro Series (CMS) is efficiency driven all around. Great for high volume production runs, this high performance series saves you time and money. This 3-component design is comprised of a tool holder, a solid arbor and a high speed steel (HSS) blade. This independent component design allows for easy part replacement in which you can replace the solid arbor without changing the blade or else you can change the blade without replacing the solid arbor. All of this can be facilitated while the tool is still in the machine.

Our component tool design offers the same great, patented features as the E-Z Burr HSS, Carbide and Standard Micro Series in that it deburrs the front and backside of a hole in a single pass in mere seconds. The blade will deburr the top of the hole, then retract into the arbor as it goes through the hole and releases again on the rear (or back) side of the hole to deburr the drill breakout burr which is usually the bigger challenge.

The big difference between this deburring tool line and the current Micro Series deburring tools are the replaceable blades and arbors. The current Micro Series offers a one-piece disposable cartridge with the blade and arbor fused into a brass sleeve that fits into a standard Micro Series holder. The Micro Series actually has a broader range of sizes, covering hole sizes as small as .040 (1mm).

For most applications, the Micro Series is still probably the best and easiest product to use. The key advantage of the Component Micro Series is the ability to order replacement blades and arbors rather than replacing the entire tool. For high volume production runs or applications that may benefit from having a coated blade, the CMS Series should be the one to choose.

Although the CMS is slightly higher in price upfront, the savings really kick in with the replacement parts. You may never have to replace the hardened holder, which is one third of the initial expense. So rather than replacing the whole tool when the blade dulls, you will merely have to replace the blade or arbor. The tool life of the blade really depends on the size of the burr, the cutting conditions, the material and other real world machining factors. The component replacement process is a snap (see diagram below) and can be facilitated while the rest of the tool is still in the machine.

This tool is great for all sorts of industries, applications and materials. We have many small parts manufacturers in the Medical & Electronics Industries who are benefiting from the ease and productivity that can be achieved through this tool utilization. Deburring these hard-to-reach, or nearly impossible to access, tiny holes can become a real bottleneck in the manufacturing process. For any applications that require small holes in the size range from .057 (1.45mm) through .092 (2.34mm) this tool may be the perfect solution.

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