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Stubby Series Carbide Tools

Stubby High Speed Steel HSS Deburring Tool Carbide Series Insert Information (PDF) Stubby Carbide Specs (PDF)

While E-Z Burr’s new Stubby Series “Carbide” is designed to deburr very small parts with “live tooling”, it can also be used on all materials and applications. While the hole diameter ranges from .125 (3.18mm) through .236 (6mm), the tool itself is 2.82” (71.6mm) OAL with only 1.25” sticking out of the holder. This prevents any interference with the work-piece in the limited space available.

This innovative deburring tool could also be dubbed as “Screw Machine Length” and it performs just as smoothly and efficiently as its longer carbide deburring counterparts. The Stubby Series possesses the same E-Z Burr high performance patented features in which they deburr the front and backside of a hole in one pass and in seconds. While the insert can be changed very easily, unlike our standard carbide deburring tools, it will have to come out of the holder.

Our dynamic “Stubby” design is more rigid with less hanging out from the collet holder. These tools only extend 1.25” out of the collet, allowing them to work perfectly where a standard length carbide tool would not fit.

The Stubby Series started as a custom tool that we designed and developed for a Swiss Screw Products manufacturer in which it received rave remarks: “The cat’s meow” and “An overwhelming thumbs up”. So we tested it on other applications and materials for over a year. With complete satisfaction with its performance, we are proud to offer it up as a standard series in which these tools can be ordered as a stocked item.

Target Industries include: Fluid Power, Medical / Dental, Pneumatics, Electronics, Aerospace and Automotive.

Please visit our new E-Z Tool Calculator on our homepage to select just the right tool for your application. The E-Z Tool Finder & Calculator will also provide the recommended speed & feed rates that will optimize the tool performance.

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