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BurrFree Drill

BurrFree DrillStandard Sizes Chart (PDF)

E-Z Burr's patented BurrFree Drill offers you a more efficient drilling process by combining two independent machining operations into one. This specialty combination tool connects a spade drill insert to the arbor of the Carbide Series Tool, and provides you with the perfect one-step, burr-free drill. It drills a hole, then deburrs both the front and backside of the hole in one operation. That efficiency, plus the tool’s exceptional quality, durability, and utility translates into some meaningful savings.

For even more versatility, we can combine the BurrFree Drill with the precision chamfer tool which allows you to drill the hole and put a precision chamfer on the topside and deburr the backside all in one stroke.

Containing all of the benefits of the high performance standard carbide series, the BurrFree Drill gives you the option to deburr both the front and back side of your hole (B) or just the rear side of the hole (R) in a single pass. It is great in tough and difficult materials such as stainless, low carbon, structural steel, and high temp alloys and its efficiency can’t be matched.

The same inserts that are standard for the Carbide Series fit the BurrFree Drill. They are also available in the Tough (T) and Difficult (D) options.

To select just the right insert, please use the TOOL CALCULATOR on the homepage and enter the data as if you are looking for a deburring only tool. Depending upon the material you are cutting, the TOOL SELECTOR will recommend the T or D style insert if the application calls for such. Please note that the B style (front & rear cutting) or R style (rear cutting only) designation will precede the T or D in the insert or tool description.

The patented locking system allows for quick and efficient insert changes in seconds, and the design of the tools allows just the cutting inserts to be replaced when they are worn down, which minimizes the unnecessary disposal of other components.

The E-Z Burr BurrFree Drill is one of our most popular custom and specialty combination tools, and we offer a wide variety of standard fractional and metric sizes for hole diameters .374” (9.5mm) and larger.

It is recommended that you call us to discuss the BurrFree Drill applications because there are certain limitations to the depth and material thickness that the tool is designed to handle. In addition to this, the selection of the proper spade drill insert is also of extreme importance. The best combination drill & deburring tool will only function as well as the drilling insert will perform. Please note that we do not supply the spade drill insert. We rely on our authorized distributors to select and recommend the industry standard geometry and grade that is best suited to your particular need.

for questions or to request information, please email info@ezburr.com