E-Z Burr News

Happy New Year Everybody!

Now that another year is tucked away in our memory banks…. And a new year has just begun, E-Z Burr Tool Company would like to take a moment to reflect on some of the great innovations we have rolled out to save our customers more time and money.

  • New Product Catalog: Check out our new online and downloadable product catalog:
  • Drill & Chamfer Tool: Our Triple Action tool. Now you can drill a hole, chamfer the front and deburr the back in seconds!

And of course you can always rely on our staple standard high performance tool offerings:

  • High Speed Steel: The standard for quick, effective and consistent front / rear burr removal.
  • Carbide: Ideal for large production runs, heavy burrs and tough materials.
  • Micro Series: Deburr tiny holes in seconds!
  • Stubby Tool Series: Designed specifically for Live Tooling, it’s perfect for CNC Swiss machines with tight spaces!
  • Combination Tools: Drill and deburr with our BurrFree Drill or Cut a precision chamfer on front and deburr the back in a single pass.
  • Custom Tools: Have a special application that our standard tools don’t cover? We will build a custom deburring tool for you!

In 2015 we are looking forward to saving you even more time and money by innovating what we believe to be the best deburring and chamfering tools in the industry. We thank you for your continued business with us and wish you the best in 2015. Happy New Year to you!

The E-Z Burr Team